Fermi Remembered

University of Chicago
September 29, 2001

A celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of Enrico Fermi's birth will be held at the University of Chicago on Saturday, September 29, 2001. Highlights of the event include the issuing of a commemorative stamp in Fermi's honor by the United States Postal Service and a series of presentations by some of Fermi's former students and colleagues. This retrospective focuses on the period from 1946 to 1954 when Fermi was a faculty member at Chicago and laid the groundwork for the field of elementary particle physics.

Invitations have been sent to graduate students at that time, to Fermi's former colleagues, as well as to current faculty members and distinguished guests. To the extent that facilities permit, the gathering is open without charge to the general public. It would aid in planning if anyone wishing to attend without a direct invitation would register using this web site.

The program will take place in the Max Palevsky Cinema located in Ida Noyes Hall on the main campus of the University of Chicago. Stamps will be on sale in the Ida Noyes lobby from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

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